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Who Are We?

Discipleship + Economic Empowerment + Connecting = Changing The World

New Zion Christian Church (NZCC) is a family of Christians dedicated to developing personal relationships with God through the study of his word. The foundation of NZCC is teaching, discipleship, training, and equipping individuals to accomplish their God-ordained, kingdom purpose that will transform their lives, communities, and nations.

Through witnessing, conferences, Bible studies, entrepreneur development programs, financial workshops, Christian development classes, and youth development programs, NZCC has established a holistic Christ-run center that satisfies the believer in all aspects of his/her daily life.

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Relationship With God

Your spiritual growth is important to us! New Zion believes in developing disciples who have a firm foundation in their knowledge of the word of God. Personal Development Seminars (PDS) provide a balanced teaching of all aspects of the Bible. PDS are led by your fellow New Zion members who are appointed to teach by Apostle Jamie and Pastor Kimberly Pleasant. 

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Economic Empowerment

As Christians, we are called to be good stewards of the resources God gives us. At New Zion we strive to properly equip each person with the tools needed to walk in economic wisdom and financial freedom. Through our expert-led, in-depth financial course, you will learn how to manage personal finances, create financial goals, and have freedom from debt while developing and growing in your relationship with Christ.

Start your journey towards “Financial Freedom” today at Auxano University.

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Connecting with Others

We are family, and we love connecting! Through regular church attendance, Bible study, social media connections, and virtual gatherings, we strive to grow together personally and spiritually to continue building the Kingdom of God. Start connecting by viewing our ministry offerings and subscribing to our monthly newsletter to stay in the know about the latest Happenings at the Z.