Monday, August 2, 2021

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The foundation of New Zion Christian Church and of Christianity is discipleship. A disciple is forever a student and a learner that will deny themselves, pick up his/her cross and follow Christ. Many individuals have received the call of discipleship only and choose to serve as Lay Leaders in Ministry; however, there are other chosen individuals who have received a deeper call upon their lives and choose to be ordained as Ministers of the Gospel of Christ.

At New Zion Christian Church we have developed a structured program that assists in the development of disciples into Ordained Christian Ministers. The Ordination process is for those who are dedicated , sincere and motivated to fulfill the call upon their lives for service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Ordination is not taken lightly and is only bestowed upon those who are accountable and live a life of the highest integrity and a life that displays Christian character.

Please review the Five Key areas of Preparation for Ministry and the Three Levels to being a Ordained Christian Minister at New Zion Christian Church and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance to determine if you have truly been called to embark upon this voyage at this time.