Wednesday, August 4, 2021

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Personal Development Seminars

Your Spiritual Growth is Important to Us

Members and guests can enjoy the benefits of a small group Bible study every Sunday through the Personal Development Seminars (PDS) program. PDS are facilitated by certified and trained teachers, ministers, and pastors who specialize in the many facets of working in ministry. In addition, these skilled individuals are excellent life coaches and speak on behalf of Apostle as they are led by the Holy Spirit.

Classes offered include An Overview of Christianity, The Pastor’s Spirit, Financial Freedom, Experiencing God, Shattering Your Strongholds and Discovering Your God-Given Spiritual Gifts. Classes are held three times a year and last for ten to twelve weeks during the winter/spring, summer, and fall semesters.

Personal Development Seminar (PDS) Registration

For more information about the next semester’s registration, class, or textbook information, call the NZCC office.