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Counseling Ministry

Meet our Biblical Counseling team.

Biblical Counseling is available by appointment for individuals. Please indicate your topic of concern when scheduling an appointment.

Teresa Wilson

Contact: 470-236-2702


Minister Teresa Wilson is originally from Falls Church, Virginia. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a M.Ed. in Professional School Counseling. In addition, she is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor. Minister Teresa provides counseling for anxiety, grief, family concerns, academic planning, and post-secondary counseling. Minister Teresa’s goal is to provide Godly direction that helps equip people to effectively deal with challenges.

Sharon Miller

Contact: 470-207-4263


Minister Sharon Miller is a native Georgian. She has an Associate degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Bachelors’ degree in Psychology/Life Coaching. Minister Miller’s has counseling experience in the following areas: 

Teenage Suicide- dealing with the real motive or thought of suicide 

Child Molestation- how to learn to forgive and let go 

Incestuous Strongholds- fighting the battle of a generational curse 

Holding on to God’s faith when a spouse doesn’t worship with you on a regular basis 

Refraining from using Witchcraft- a family lineage 

Low Self-Esteem- identifying one’s worth 

Minister Miller offers wisdom and knowledge in how to deal with life issues on a day to day basis.

Raymond Dockery III

Contact: 678-597-8738


Pastor Raymond Dockery III is the Youth Pastor at New Zion Christian Church. He hails from Chicago Illinois, and was drawn to counseling from the Lord drawing people to him in his military days. He counsels teenagers from the ages of 13-18. Pastor Ray seeks to encourage, lead and guide the youth and counsels with the word of God as well as in depth methods taught by his predecessors.

Stephanie Dennis

Contact: 678-693-3935


Sister Stephanie is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a Minor in Early Child Development and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Community Counseling. Sister Stephanie has experience with mentoring teens and small children and was a foster parent for seven years in which her main objective was to help instill Godly wisdom, confidence, and self-esteem. Sister Stephanie loves nurturing children and is interesting in mentoring, encouraging and building self-esteem.. Sister Stephanie also has experience with individuals experiencing hardships with relationships, emotions and grief. 

Beverly Foote

Contact: 678-824-2762


Mother Beverly Foote has been living in the Gwinnett area for 27 years. She has an Associate’s degree in Business. She has realized that in life there has to be a sense of self–awareness before reaching out to others in good faith. To experience true unity, one must love the Lord, and love others as one’s self. Listening to the Spirit prompted her to seek educational training, first to help herself, which enabled her to help others. 

Nadine Louis

Contact: 678-451-6973


Sister Nadine Louis was born in Haiti but raised in Connecticut and now living here in GA. She has a BS in Education-Math, French and Spanish concentration. Nadine has experienced with counseling employees with career goals, young African American women with relationships, depression, stress, low self-esteem, women in marriage, and personal hygiene. Nadine believes everyone is different, their needs are different but with God’s help she is hoping to counsel and address everyone’s unique needs. 

Otis Collier

Contact: 678-693-3935


Otis Collier III has a B.A. in Visual Communications and has over 20 years of experience as a Corporate Recruiter and Diversity Program Manager. He has worked for some of the world’s most notable companies to include: Microsoft, Google, Wells Fargo, and Deloitte.  

Pastor Quest

Contact: 678-333-9022


Pastor Sequester McKinney is from Vero Beach, Florida. He has experience in web development and past military experience in submarine electronics. In addition, he has diligently served in several ministries. Pastor Quest is available to counsel men. Pastor Quest’s goal is to assist God’s people through Godly counsel.  

Biblical Counseling is provided for:

Academic Concerns


Career Counseling

Child Abuse & Molestation


Developing and Increasing Faith


Domestic Violence


Incestuous Strongholds

Low Self Esteem



Post-Secondary Planning


Refraining from Witchcraft


Teenage Suicide

Resource Contacts

Georgia Crisis & Access Line (GCAL)


To find a Licensed Professional Counselor counselees can referenced the link below:

Psychology Today

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